Imagine a chatbot that lets your clients easily book a visit, table in the restaurant, bike repair or whatever. It gets synced with your calendar, notifications are being sent to the personnel, text messages with confirmations sent straight to your client. And there's more!

Most services still live in the dark ages. It's frustrating and difficult to order a repair, book a chat with dietician or personal trainer. You can easily build the competitive advantage simply by being accessible and easy to interact with. Chatbots, calendar integrations, automated webinars and schedules - this all can be easily done with automations!

Take a look at the current courses and get inspired by the process, even if the course itself is not to the point your task at hand. There's plenty to explore. Let's get codeless.

Courses for Services

Chcek out the tutorials that might be the most beneficial for Services.

API 101

Makers Marketers Sales and e-commerce Bloggers and Influencers Customer Care Services 00:46:34
Get to know the basics of HTTP protocol, learn about API and json. Discover how the web works and communicate using webhooks. Let’s hack some API’s!
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Calendar Chatbot

Marketers Sales and e-commerce Customer Care Services 00:48:11
Use Facebook Messenger Chatbot to schedule appointments. Automate your services with easy options for rescheduling, and cancelling meetings. As well as calendar integration and notifications.
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