Sales and e-commerce

Running an online business is easier than ever before. However, to stay on the competetive edge, you need to quickly adapt, cut costs and analyse the data wisely so that you invest in the right sales strategy. Automation tools are by far the best thing that will let you get rid of daunting tasks such as prospecting and lead scoring and artificial intelligence can help you determine the best potential clients.

Imagine you can create a set of automations that will let you track the actions of your users and will trigger the sales only when client is best prepared to buy the product. On top of that they will receive all the essential data to better prepare for the sales call or email. This is all super easy with automations and lego tools.

Why can be beneficial to you? Automations will let you experiment and iterate quickly and without the tedious development and integration process. You can run different repetitive tasks on autopilot, from automating emails in the funnel to sales process, invoicing, refunds and more.

Courses for Sales and e-commerce

Chcek out the tutorials that might be the most beneficial for Sales and e-commerce.

NPS Survey Automation

Marketers Sales and e-commerce Customer Care 01:11:51
You will get to know why NPS is one of the best ways to measure feedback at scale as well as automate each part of the process. We'll start from email sequences with embedded NPS survey, then send the results into a sheet, send follow-up emails, calculate the scores and display them in a useful dashboard. Not a single line of code required!
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API 101

Makers Marketers Sales and e-commerce Bloggers and Influencers Customer Care Services 00:46:34
Get to know the basics of HTTP protocol, learn about API and json. Discover how the web works and communicate using webhooks. Let’s hack some API’s!
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Calendar Chatbot

Marketers Sales and e-commerce Customer Care Services 00:48:11
Use Facebook Messenger Chatbot to schedule appointments. Automate your services with easy options for rescheduling, and cancelling meetings. As well as calendar integration and notifications.
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Personal Assistant

Makers Marketers Sales and e-commerce Bloggers and Influencers 00:35:41
Get your life and work organised by the robots! Let others sync with your calendar, manage meetings, reminders and use handy shortcuts on your phone!
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