Marketing is one of the fastest growing part of the IT automation market. The problem marketers face is among others tedious process of implementing different tools, pieces of code, integrating them with existing websites and landing pages. There's no easy way to test the tools without, often, weeks of implementation on the development side.

That is why no-code and automation tools are storming into marketing. It gives you the freedom to experiment without the development hustle. You can easily implement different tools and connect them together on your own.

A/B testing, lead scoring, automating your social media is easier than ever before. You can create landing pages, funnels, measure and connect them to different tools like Hotjar, Mailchimp, Convert Kit and all start putting all the pieces together. All without even bother to pass to development.

You can benefit from learning different tools on that will enable you to run such automations. Even if the topic of the course might not be exactly what you want to accomplish, the road that leads to the goal will surely be inspiring and you could apply it to your custom tasks.
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Course series

Longer series on particular project. Teach you the tools and no-code mindset to rule your future automations.

API 101

Makers Marketers Sales and e-commerce 00:46:34
Get to know the basics of HTTP protocol, learn about API and json. Discover how the web works and communicate using webhooks. Let’s hack some API’s!
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