If new product ideas keeps you up at night, you want to ship and test them as soon as possible. There are number of tips that can boost up your productivity and using no-code tools will let you iterate faster and without worrying about long development process.

Nowadays, the community of makers grows rapidly, as different no-code tools allows to easyli create apps and websites. Often times in 3-4 weeks you'd be able to put your MVP to tests without coding knowledge.

What I think makers will find the most beneficial in is different approaches to solving problems and launching quickly. You'll get to know different, top-notch tools that will inspire you to create automations and readymade apps. Even if the topic of the course is not necesarily what you want to accomplish, the ideas I use to get there will be beneficial to you.

Courses for Makers

Chcek out the tutorials that might be the most beneficial for Makers.

API 101

Makers Marketers Sales and e-commerce Bloggers and Influencers Customer Care Services 00:46:34
Get to know the basics of HTTP protocol, learn about API and json. Discover how the web works and communicate using webhooks. Let’s hack some API’s!
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No-code MVP

Makers Marketers 00:53:29
Generate a name, logo, create simple landing page, make a video explainer in minutes and on top of that... create a functional prototype of the product's MVP 🤯
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Personal Assistant

Makers Marketers Sales and e-commerce Bloggers and Influencers 00:35:41
Get your life and work organised by the robots! Let others sync with your calendar, manage meetings, reminders and use handy shortcuts on your phone!
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