Chatfuel is one of the leading platforms for building bots on Facebook Messenger.

Bots automate communication with humans through messaging applications. Since messengers have become the most heavily used mobile apps, bots have emerged as effective instruments that are changing the world of digital marketing. Messenger Marketing today is what email marketing and landing pages were a decade ago. It’s fundamentally changing the way businesses interact with their prospects and customers. Our customers are using bots to increase sales, improve conversions, qualify leads, and automate support on Facebook.

Chatfuel lets you build a Messenger bot in a visual editor. You can easily automate the responses as well as run campaigns to send the messages to the audience that engaged with your Facebook Page in the past.
Price: $15 / bot / mo

Course series

Longer series on particular projects. Teaches you the tools and no-code mindset to rule your future automations.

Calendar Chatbot

Marketers Sales and e-commerce Customer Care Services 00:48:11
Use Facebook Messenger Chatbot to schedule appointments. Automate your services with easy options for rescheduling, and cancelling meetings. As well as calendar integration and notifications.
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