NPS Survey Automation

  1. 07:55

    NPS Survey Setup

    Create a survey with triggers and conditional logic in Typeform 📝

  2. 09:57

    Email Setup

    We'll use Mailchimp in order to automate email delivery to our list 📧

  3. 07:54

    Results Automation

    Let's get those results and send out follow-up emails based on the Triggers!

  4. 06:29

    Survey Database

    Add survey records to a Google Sheet for easier processing for our future calculations 📈

  5. 07:56

    Counting NPS

    We're going to run some formulas on our data to count the NPS week-to-week

  6. 09:54

    Creating Dashboard pt. 1

    Connecting the data source to Webflow is easy with Integromat. Let's do it! 💪

  7. 11:50

    Creating Dashboard pt. 2

    Styling our Dashboard with Webflow and publishing results to live-update on the web!

  8. 09:56

    Creating Dashboard pt. 3

    Advanced Dashboard automation with percentages and colouring results 🎯

NPS Survey Automation

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