No-code MVP

  1. 05:14

    Branding for MVP

    Generate a name for your new business together with some assets such as logo and brand graphics

  2. 05:41

    Launchaco Website

    Making a simple, automated landing page is... simpler than you might expect

  3. 04:00

    Explainer Video

    There are plenty of resources that will allow you to create really awesome animated video, easy peasy

  4. 04:13

    Setting up Form

    We'll going to use Typeform to collect some data from our user and initiate the process

  5. 06:31

    Tracking Events

    Configure Google Analytics so that you can easily track different events people perform on the page

  6. 09:40

    Adding to the list

    Enrich your customer data with Zapier and Clearbit integration and add them to your Mailchimp list

  7. 05:39

    SMS with Twilio

    Use Twilios API to create automated text messages that are being sent to your visitors

  8. 05:44

    Creating a TextBot

    Use Twilio's tools to create a bit more advance automation bot that will text your clients

  9. 06:47

    Advanced App

    Get inspired by expanding your bot and creating an app via API to send programmable SMS

No-code MVP

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