Calendar Chatbot

  1. 06:53

    Chatfuel Basics

    Create a basic chatbot that can connect to your Facebook Page. Let's explore best options

  2. 06:11


    We'll use some more advanced options for the chatbot like variables and add some fancy GIFs of course

  3. 09:12

    Calendar Integration

    Let's use YouCanBookMe in order to set up the calendar that will sync with our Chatbot

  4. 09:04

    Two-way integration

    Send information from and to your chatbot with calendar API and POST calls 🤙

  5. 09:50

    Scheduling Events

    See some more advanced techniques that will allow your users to schedule and reschedule appointments

  6. 07:01

    Customising Calendar

    Use variables and Postman to send different data accross the apps and send messages back to users

Calendar Chatbot

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