10 Minute Automations

  1. 07:09

    Birthday Automation

    Import all of your Facebook friends birthdays into one calendar and get daily email notifications on them 🎉

  2. 06:07

    Birthdays to the Next Level

    Deliver some birthday gifts for your important friends with just one click 🎁

  3. 09:09

    Meeting Reminders

    Set up the automated reminders for your meetings 💬 text messages and emails

  4. 12:32

    Notifications on User Action

    Get notified when a user performs some kind of action on your site 💬

  5. 10:40

    Enrich User Data

    Get 007 intel on a user visiting your site and send out notifications for the actions you find important

  6. 07:17

    Batch Open Multiple Websites

    (macOS only) Create some flows with Automator, combined with Chrome profiles. This can really speed up your task- and project-based workflow!

10 Minute Automations

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